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Guild Charter

Chevalier Guild Charter

This page contains important information regarding general guild rules, raiding requirements and guild rank information. Members of Chevalier are expected to have read and agreed to these.


Guild Code of Conduct/Charter
Important Administration Details
Guild Ranking System

Code of Conduct

It is expected that all members of Chevalier have read and signed the Guild Code of Conduct.

Behaviour:  It is expected that all members of Chevalier will treat others will courtesy and respect. Lessening someone else’s enjoyment of the game is not allowed. This is the most important rule.

Guild chat:  Joking around and enjoying yourself is encouraged, however ensure that it is done so in a respectful manner. Insults, derogatory remarks, and boasting at another player’s expense, are actions which are strictly not tolerated.

Begging:  Begging for gold or items in either guild chat or whispers to other guild members is not allowed. It is irritating, and it is not respectable behaviour.

Asking for help:  If you need help with something, feel free to ask. However, while guild members are extremely helpful and enjoy working together, everyone has their own idea of what to do with their playtime. More often than not help will be given to those in need, but it is not guaranteed. We are real people with real lives, that do not always revolve around helping you get that “leetzor twink item from deadmines”.

Representing your Guild:  When you are out in the World of Warcraft, remember that you are a representative of Chevalier. We pride ourselves on being polite, respectful and friendly, so make sure your conduct is in line with this. Reports from guild members or non guild members about ninjaing items, behaving rudely or disrespectfully, or otherwise being a jerk will be taken seriously, and you should expect a talk from a guild leader to clarify the situation so the correct course of action can be taken.

Problems:  If a guild leader or officer asks you to stop a particular action, do so immediately. If you having problems with any aspect of Chevalier, please contact a guild leader privately to discuss your concerns.

*** Once you have read, understand and agree to these guild rules, please sign here***


Important Administration Details

Bank:  Use of the guild bank is encouraged. Be courteous with using the guild bank, and try to maintain an even ratio of withdrawals and deposits so as not to be greedy. Items from the guild bank are intended to be used for characters within the guild only, not for twinks, characters in other guilds, or self profit.

Alts:  Alts are welcome in Chevalier. However, support will not always be available for lower levelled characters. Chevalier is focused on level 70 (and soon 80) content, and as such that is where our main player base is at. If your main character leaves the guild, your alts will also be removed, unless you have spoken to a guild leader about it prior to leaving.

Guild Website:  The guild website will frequently be updated with guild news and upcoming raids. The forums are the place for friendly chat, thoughts, and planning events amongst guild members, and are all welcome to participate as long as it is done in a respectful manner.

Calendar:  Chevalier currently uses Group Calendar to organise runs in game. Individual use of it for making runs is encouraged.

Inactivity:  Characters that have been inactive for longer than 1 month are at risk of being removed from the guild, unless you have informed the guild leaders as to the reason for your absence. If you have left without letting anyone know and your character is removed, a mail will be sent explaining what happened. You are welcome to reapply once your account is active again.

Guild Leaders:  Ciaree and Tythe are very friendly and are always glad to hear your thoughts. However, they have the final say on any decisions, and if they ask you to do something, please abide.


Guild Ranks

Peasant:  This is the initiate rank of Chevalier. The trial period typically lasts for 1-2 weeks, after which you may be promoted to the appropriate rank if you meet the requirements.

To be promoted up from the rank of Peasant, you must:
-Be registered with the guild website.
-Have been in Chevalier for longer than a week.
-Have read and signed the Guild Code of Conduct

The Noble, Knight and Royal Guard ranks are all of equal importance and value. They are not higher than each other, they are simply separate categories for guild members.

Noble:  Noble is the general membership rank of Chevalier. We have many wonderful members who are interested in a wide variety of activities from leveling alts, to pvp. This rank is for members who have shown to have the qualities we appreciate in guild members, and who have a wide variety of interests in the game.
Those who are specifically interested in raiding, however casually, should consider applying for the Knight rank :) Nobles are more than welcome to come along to Chevalier 10 man raids, but invite priority will be given to knights.

Knight:  This rank designates a member that is interested in raiding, and is willing to go the extra step to do so.
To become a Knight, you must apply. This is in place because automatically promoting people may cause them to feel pressured into raiding, and this way we can ensure that only the people who want to raid are doing so.

The process to becoming a knight is simple. In the application process you will find that you need to:
-Have read and agree with our Raiding Code of Conduct.
-Meet gear requirements for current content (stated in the “Current Stat Requirements” thread to be added upon WotLK raiding)

Being a knight is about being a respectful raider. When you are working in a team like a raid, it is important to remember to be respectful and courteous to the other members with you. Part of this is pulling your weight, so we don't have to spend excess time explaining fights or installing addons that should have already been done before the raid started.

Royal Guard:  This rank is made of members who have been present in Chevalier for a longer period of time. They are members who have shown loyalty, determination and fairness in their play, and continue to make Chevalier a successful and enjoyable guild to be a part of.
They are the members that go out of their way to help the guild and contribute in ways we do not ask for but appreciate.

This rank is not an officer rank. The role of the Royals is to act as support and advisers to the guild leaders and officers, and to act as veterans or role models to Chevalier members. That being said, we value all of our members equally, and no preference is given to any rank.

Promotion to this rank will be made at the discretion of the guild leadership.