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After a long, gruesome battle... it's over, the
champions have proven themselves and KelThuzad is no

Between the valiant Ciaree and Adelorine's efforts, the
party escaped sure death countless times, leaving
themselves solely in the care of the tender druidess
Tythe and her decorated boughs, and noble Skarunbec,
known well around the city of Ironforge for deeds of
bravery, compassion, and at times, heavy drinking.

Not to waste the time brought by the front line
defenders, the wise mage Khelbun, solitary huntress
Vinshu, and dwarven markswoman extraordinaire Carnival
slung barrage after barrage at the weakest points in the
enemies defence, slowly weakening the foul monstrosities.

Taking advantage of the openings presented, the warlocks
Fredykruga, Lord of Chaos, and Bloopper, Mistress of
Curse, time to work their magic in riding the world of
the scourge, slowly redeeming themselves in the eyes of
the Naruu and the light itself with each festering
undead slain.

Not to be bested by those dependent upon technology, the
swift, ferocious druid Druster set upon the cruel legions with the
cunning and guile only found in the fercie preditors of the forest lands.
Claw and fang lash out, lighting fast, the taste for bone not far forgotten
for this kitty.

Wave after wave of defender charged, fell and was
quickly replaced by yet more horrors, but not fast
enough to hamper the pace of the crusaders, at times
driven solely by purpose alone. Grim covered and sweaty,
they moved quickly through the halls, destroying all in
their path.

First to fall was the terrible beasts of the Spider
wing. Anub'Rekhan sleeps forever more in his parlour,
Faerlina no long mourns her widowhood after so long,
while the great beast Maexxna will no longer prey on
poor travellers for her brood.

Quickly following was the foul Plague quarter,
laboratory of evil. Noth and Heigan, keepers of the
plague itself, both falling in quick succession under
the invaders arms, armour and arcane, their taint
forever halted, but not before releasing the terrible
life stealer Loatheb upon the invaders, his rotting
carcass and nightmares now all that remains of the
terrible battle waged.

Knowing a frontal assault on the commanders of the
Naxxramas would no doubt spell the end of them, the
heroes charged down the Military barracks, seeking to
destroy the nerve centre once and for all. Lieutenant
Razuvious, deadly weapon of the battle field was
dispatched, but not before nearly destroying the heart
of the group herself.

Quickly barricading themselves within Razuvious'
quarters, the champion's took a moment to rest,
relishing the scent of Tythe's blossoms while they could, and
uttering prayer to the light, seeking aid in ridding the
land of the horror's yet to be dispatched.

Pressing on, slaying the fallen recruits too lax in
thier training to react in time where they stand, the
bearers of hope arrive face to face with Gothik the
Harvester himself - creator of the ranks of feinds who
had destroyed so much of the livings land already. Set
upon by wave after wave of solider, only to find them
rise once more to fight, the group inches themselves
towardrs the waiting commander, clashing in a bloody
fight of no mercy.

Not to be undone by such a simple band of mortals, the
four horsemen, the war heroes of the lich kings army,
and fallen crusaders themselves, await the adventurers
pressing hard and fast from all sides, until they too
sleep an eternal sleep, defeated at last.

All that stood in thier way now, was the foundry of
doom, the Construct quarter itself. Guarded by the
terrifying abomination Patchwerk, the gruesome embalmer
Grobbulus and monstrous plaguehound Gluth, the
champions quickly destroy much of the inner workings of
Naxxramas, greatly crippling the scourge for no doubt

Rushing towards the screams of innocents, they find
themselves to late - the great colossus Thaddius has
been finished, stich together from the still living
women and children found in the quiet towns below.
Driven insane by the torment of these poor souls, he is
dealt with using compassion and brawn.

Now all that remained was the great lich himself - one
last challenge, one last conquest, and the threat would
be ended, after so long. Quickly the set off, to the
heart of the complex itself, only to find the great
frostwrym Sapphion lying in wait.

Quickly the set to work, the challenge mutely accepted
by all, but just as quick, they find themselves encased
with ice, unable to defend themselves from the evil
dragon,and often saving their comrades by sheer inches
from the dragons icy doom.

Dispatching Saphhion, and affording themselves only
enjoy time to heal the wounded, the adventures set off
into the gapping maw of destruction itself -
Kel'thuzad's chambers themselves.

The great lich, not to have centuries of work undone by
mere mortals, gathers his remaining armies and sends
them to work, watching in a feeling he has not felt for
countless years, horror, as his remaining forces are

Charging into the fray, the great lich sets upon the
forces of the light with both vigour and blood thirst -
no simple jester, he lets loose bolt after bolt of ice,
pools of liquid shadow and crushing tombs of ice, the
attackers barely staving off his assault, until
re-enforcements arrive from the lich king himself,
quickly setting upon the brave heroine Adelorine.

Even this is not enough to stay the blade of the
valiant, still the tongue of the redeemed, and stop the
hand of the noble. Collapsing, after so long at war, the
adventurers watch as the lich erupts into a cascade of
brilliance, proving yet again thatthe light shines
brightest in darkness.

The world sleeps easier tonight, knowing the threat once
posed by the floating fortress is ended, the small band
of heroes forever remembered as champions of the weak,
defenders of the innocent, and saviours of all.

For the light, the Narru and the Alliance, may mercy be
shown upon the souls of the brave for the horrors still
fought within their dreams.

Ciaree - Paladin
Adelorine - Paladin

Skarunbec - Paladin
Tythe - Druid

Vinshu - Hunter
Carnival - Hunter
Bloopper - Warlock
Fredykruga - Warlock
Khelbun - Mage
Druster - Druid

Helm of the Lost Vanquisher
Gem of Imprisoned Vassals
Staff of the Plaguehound
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