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Welcome to <Chevalier>!
Welcome to Chevalier's Guild Website :)

To apply to the website, click apply on the top left, and your account will be approved as soon as possible.
**Please note: after creating an account, you may want to hide your age. This can be done through the privacy section of the settings menu.**

Chevalier members new to the website: Head on over to the Guild Charter page, and make sure to have a read of the Guild Code of Conduct and Guild Ranks section. Promotions up from the rank of Peasant will happen once you have a forum account and have agreed to the code of conduct.


<Chevalier> is a relaxed guild, with a focus on 10 man raiding in Wrath of the Lich King. We are very social, with kind, mature members who are always happy to welcome new members to our guild.

We run 5 mans and heroics regularly, and guild members are active and enjoy spending time together. We endeavor to be the best we can be, and improve as much as we can, but are very understanding when real life commitments arise. As such, we have a relaxed but serious approach to raiding.

Chevalier is not just another guild, it is a place many of us call home, where we know we can learn and enjoy ourselves in a supportive, friendly environment. If you are looking for friends to explore what Northrend has to offer with, look no further!

To learn a little about the guild leaders, click Here

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May 05, 2009 at 01:34 AM
Knight Captain
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Naxxramas beaten!

After a long, gruesome battle... it's over, the champions have proven themselves and KelThuzad is no more! Between the valiant Ciaree and Adelorine's efforts, the party escaped sure death countless times, leaving themselves solely in the care ... Read More
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