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Raid Charter
Firstly, it is important to understand that there is NO pressure to raid. Chevalier runs regular raids that members are welcome to come along to if they wish. Raiding by nature is not a casual process. Just slacking off and wiping isn’t fun by any stretch of the word. So while it’s optional whether or not you want to participate, if you choose to raid we will be doing it properly. This means you put in the effort that gets associated with raiding – consumables, addons, boss strats, the lot.

Loot Rules:

Who receives loot on our official raids is decided partly by a list system, and partly by random /roll.

All raiders create their own short list of the items they would most like to have from the whole raid instance. This list can be three items long for Naxx, and you will not be able to change your list for the whole time Chevalier runs this instance. If an item drops that is on someone’s list, the person with the item highest on their list will win the item. If an item drops that is not on anyone’s list, all main specs that want the item /roll. If there are no main specs that want the item, it will be opened to offspecs, and then disenchanted.

For farm content, raids with a PUG in them, or non-official raids the list system is not in effect, and items will be decided with by /roll.

Simple Hierarchy of Priority
1. Those who have the item as #1 on their list
2. Those who have the item as #2 on their list
3. Those who have the item as #3 on their list
4. All main specs for whom the item is an upgrade. This can be from any rank in the guild. For hybrids, your main spec is the spec you stated when you became a Knight, and is the spec you most commonly use for raiding.
5. All offspecs for whom the item is an upgrade. This can be from any rank in the guild.
6. Disenchanted

If there is more than one person in a specific tier of priority, it will be decided on by a /roll
-The list is ranked in order or priority you want the item. The item you want the most should be #1, followed by #2 being what you want second most, and so on.
-Once made and approved, the list cannot be changed for the whole time Chevalier runs that instance. This means you will need to look at what gear is best for your class from the whole instance, decide what is best for you, and apply foresight.
-The list must be approved by the raid leader before it can be accepted and used. You can view current lists in the raiding forums.
-items that are not on anyone’s list currently present in the raid will be decided on with /roll

Other Stuff!

Raiding Code of Conduct
This outlines the behaviour that is expected of Chevalier members when raiding. PLEASE READ!

More Information on our Loot System
This contains an example of the loot system, as well as information on the principles behind it.

Information on Raid Invites
If we have too many people, someone may be asked to sit out for the night. This will be recorded so we can make it as fair on everyone as possible.

Information on Main-Spec vs. Off-Spec rolls
Main specs get priority over offspecs. Your main spec is recorded when you apply to be a knight, and you roll on that spec regardless of if you have temporarily respecced to help the raid.

Information on Mains vs. Alts If your character is a Knight level raider, you have equal right to gear that drops as any other character. Everyone put in the work downing the boss, so everyone has a chance to win the loot.